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Herculaneum(Ercolano), Vesuvius’ city, was destroyed as well as Pompei from the volcanic eruption 79 AC. The city has inherited the name from the hero Ercole, according to history. Unfortunately, the old city was never completely excavated, but one of the most important ancient finds was highlighted, the “Ppairi Villa”, at the time, the residence of Lucio CalpurnioPisoneCesonino.

Very close to Herculaneum are the beauties of Naples, which can be reached in about 30 minutes.

The city of Naples is known worldwide as a city of traditions and ancient rites. In the walk alone free time that Alf Coast will offer for this tour, you can enjoy and admire views from Posillipo or sip great coffee or any other culinary speciality that the Naples downtown offers. Of course the downtown Is full of small shops and malls of all kinds, where you can buy your souvenirs or anything else you may wish.

Departures from

  • Port: Napoli, Salerno, Sorrento
  • Airport: Napoli
  • Train Station: Napoli e Salerno
  • Hotel: Napoli, Salerno, Sorrento

Tour Details

  • 19 Passengers Minibus service for the entire duration of the tour
  • Parking
  • City Tax
  • Entrance tickets for the museums or site where entrance ticket is required.
  • Camera
  • Sunscreen
  • Tour Guides – Local Expertise
  • Comfortabòe Clothing and Shoes
  • Sunscreen
Tour Duration 8 Hours