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Pompei and Vesuvius:

The archaeological site of Pompei is the worlds most visited site, after the famous Colosseum and the Foro Romano. This archaeological site offers to it’s visitor’s everything that has been left from the ancient roman civilization: manner, traditions, arts and villas. Pompei was buried together with Herculaneum(Ercolano), Oplonti and Stabiae during Mount Vesuvius’ eruption 79AC. The archaeological has to be visited accompanied by a local professional guide, in order to better appreciate the history contents that the site has to offer.

After spending 2-3 beautiful hours fully immersed in the ancient roman culture, we will continue our tour and will move toward the imposing volcano of Vesuvius. Once we reach the volcano crater, you will remain amazed and breathless from the landscape the volcano has to offer. As mentioned above, Mount Vesuvius was the well-wisher for the destruction of Pompei and it’s surroundings during the eruption 79AC. To reach the final stage of the crater, it is compulsory to walk some 300 metres and be escorted by a professional volcano guide, of which the cost is included with the entrance ticket.

Departures from

  • Port: Napoli, Salerno, Sorrento
  • Airport: Napoli
  • Train Station: Napoli e Salerno
  • Hotel: Napoli, Salerno, Sorrento

Tour Details

  • 19 Passengers Minibus service for the entire duration of the tour
  • Parking
  • City Tax
  • Entrance tickets for the museums or site where entrance ticket is required.
  • Camera
  • Sunscreen
  • Tour Guides – Local Expertise
  • Comfortabòe Clothing and Shoes
  • Sunscreen
Tour Duration 8 Hours