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Positano and Sorrento:

Excursions to Positano:

The first place we will visit during this tour is Positano.

Positano is a town located along the Amalfi Coast, that was originally built vertically on the slopes of the Latterimountains. The colourful homes, typical of the town, are an unforgettable romantic scenario.

The downtown and beach areas are exclusively reachable by walking down through characteristic alleyways and steps. Once you reach the downtown and beach area you will be carried by  the beauty that this place has to offer, such as culinary seafood specialities and the vast array of boutiques lining the narrow lanes and alleyways, with their displays of colourful garments. You will also be fully immersed in the panoramic views across the sea towards the small islands of “Li Galli”, also known as the “Sirenuse”.

Excursions to Sorrento:

We will then leave the beautiful town of Positano on the notes of the famous song “Torna a Surrient”, written by the famous song writer Ernesto De Curtis, heading towards Sorrento. Sorrento has been offering history, arts and culture for centuries. It is a pretty town where kindness and hospitality are genuine. Before reaching Sorrento, our experienced driver will take you to the “Due Golfi” where you will take probably some of the best photos of your holiday of the two Gulfs of Naples and Salerno. Once you reach the town of Sorrento, you’ll have time on your own to enjoy the beauties that Sorrento has to offer.

Sorrento is a tourist destination of international repute, made all the more popular by a series of ancient traditions including the production of wine, gastronomic products and fine craftsmanship. Oranges, lemons, walnuts and olives are all grown on the territory. The town is famous too for the wood engraving and lace work. You can also buy the famous Limoncello, a very tasty liquor that is locally produced from centuries.

Partenze da

  • Porto: Napoli, Salerno, Sorrento
  • Aereoporto: Napoli
  • Stazione ferroviaria: Napoli e Salerno
  • Hotel: Napoli, Salerno, Sorrento

Dettagli del Tour

  • Servizio Minibus 19 posti per l’intera durata del tour
  • Parcheggio
  • Tasse Locali
  • Biglietti di ingresso ai musei o siti storici a pagamento
  • Pasti
  • Guide Locale
  • Macchina Fotografica
  • Crema Solare – Periodi Estivi
  • Guida Locale
  • Scarpe ed abbigliamento comodo
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